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Untitled Defense Game Updates

LATEST: Update 0.1

Update 0.1

– Balances:
– Zombies

  • Nerfed Basic Zombie’s damage by 1

  • Nerfed Fast Zombie’s health by 1

  • Nerfed Ghost’s damage by 1

  • Nerfed Skeleton’s health by 1

  • Nerfed Golden Zombie’s damage by 3

  • Nerfed Golden Zombie’s health by 5

  • Nerfed Chained Boss’s damage by 4

  • Buffed Tank Zombie’s speed by 0.5

  • Buffed Golden Zombie’s speed by 0.5

  • Buffed Chained Boss’s speed by 0.5

– Medium –
– Zombies

  • Nerfed Basic Bot’s damage by 1

  • Nerfed Turbot’s speed by 1

  • Nerfed Turbot’s damage by 0.5

  • Nerfed Confinement’s damage by 2

  • Buffed DynaBot’s speed by 1.5

  • Buffed Confinement’s health by 10

  • more zombie buffs/nerfs

– Balances:
– Weapons

  • Buffed Wooden Club’s reload_time by 0.15

  • Buffed Metal Rod’s reload_time by 0.02

  • Buffed Mace’s reload_time by 0.55 (was gonna be 0.6)

  • Bufed Basic Hammer’s reload_time by 0.05

  • Buffed Cleaver’s reload_time by 0.03

  • Buffed Ghostly Staff’s range by 2 studs

  • Nerfed Ghostly Staff’s damage by 5

  • Nerfed Ghostly Staff’s reload_time by 0.1

  • Nerfed Basic Hammer’s damage by 5

  • Nerfed Cleaver’s player_hp by 15

Update 0.2

Update 0.2

Reload times
Wooden Stick: 1.1 > 0.41
Wooden Club: 2.45 > 1.4
Metal Rod: 1.43 > 1.1
Ghostly_Torch: 1.35 > 1.12

Ghostly Staff: 75 > 55

Cleaver: 370 > 350

New Weapoary/shop GUI
New lobby to game mechanic
Better Player Stats Ui

Cleaver: 450 > 560
Ghostly Staff: 650 > 830

Update 0.3

Update 0.3
•Green Light when the game starts.

•Green Circle around you when you are in the Green Ready Circle.
•Green Beam cuz yes.

•Conveyor Belts that allow you to move around the map easier.

•The Cube
•Made Weaponry Ui look more nicer.

•Weaponary Ui items now have an admin/unobtainable/???/Epic tag on it. Or if its a base item then it doesn’t show anything.

•Has a !!! tag on new items (doesn’t show any for this update) >Maps
•The Beach map (made by Hanselkek)
•Enemy HP goes higher the more players whom are in the Alive Team.

•New Player/Enemy Hp Ui on hover.

•Enemy HP now rounds up.

•Daily Rewards System (Daily Reward weapon in the next update?)

•Map Difficulties! The Harder the map is, the More Uc you get!
•Metal Rod Wait time: 1.1 > 0.74

•Ghostly Torch Wait Time: 1.12 > 0.95

•Mace Wait Time: 2.35 > 1.99

•Mechanical Mark 1 Damage: 35 > 60
•Fixed Error Logs
•Added [Beta] at the end of the name

•Medium Cash Final Payout: 85 > 65 •Shop Blur (cuz yes)

Update 0.35

Update 0.35
(mainly bug fixes)
>Bug Fixes
•Lobby shop is now local

•Green circle around the Player is fixed

•Daily rewards is now fixed

•Fixed Beach map killing you when you spawn

•Fixed Boss clipping through the ground and dying on the beach map

Update 0.37

Update 0.37 **


•Medkit - Heal your allies!
•Sword - Iron sword, useful for chopping down the enemies.
•Axe - Long range weapon? High damage? One of the best tools for the job of the end of the world.


•Radio now makes funny sounds when it talks.


•Damage indicator.
•Random set damage for each weapon.
•Drop items (Uc and EXP)
•Enemy Ai has been overhauled •New weapon reload. •Enemy attack damage now scales on the map difficulty.


•VIP - 1.5x EXP and more perks soon!
•Respawn - Bad? Just repawn now.
•2x Uc - your just too lazy to grind.
•Donations - Do nothing but allows the Devs to feed themselves.


•All enemies have new attacks

this update is known as the p2w update


Update 0.39

Update 0.39


No new weapons

>Bug Fixes

•Game finished works

•Gamepasses work

•Billboards above players actually show correct numbers

•Hp Rounds Up (No more people with 69.9999999 hp)


•Player Outlines

also known as “The Devs are trying to fix the bug filled game”

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