UDim2 is not a valid member of TextLabel

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local isTween = tweens:Create(cloned,TweenInfo.new(1),{Position = cloned.UDim2 * UDim2.new(0,0,0,50)}):Play() --"cloned" is cloned an TextLabel from RepStorage.


.Udim2 isnt the property the property of TextLabel Position is TextLabel.Position

Yeah, thanks, butt i got the new issue
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The problem is ig i never saw Udim2 * Udim2 in my experience could you tell me what are you trying to achieve?

TweenService:Create(Part,TweenInfo.new(1), {CFrame = Part.CFrame * CFrame.new(0,0,-5)})
But i want make that with UDim2. That is position TextLabel.

You could do something like this Since Udim2 is basicly the TextLabel.Position.X.Scale,TextLabel.Position.X.Offset and same for the Y

you could do something like this

Position = Udim2.new(TextLabel1.Position.X.Scale * YOURVALUEHERE,0 ,0,0) --you could replace the 0s with values you would like to