UFO Simulator - Market Update

New Features in :flying_saucer:UFO Simulator’s Market Update:

:classical_building:Market - Buy and Sell Legendary, Godly, and Mythical Pets & Hats using the NEW Global Market!

:bar_chart:Value List - A list of all Legendary, Godly, and Mythical Pets & Hats and their respective values (Recent Average Prices).

:money_mouth_face:Worth Leaderboard - A new leaderboard depicting the wealthiest players! Determined by your 50 most valuable pets & hats.

:test_tube:Gem Labs - A NEW passive way to earn gems from completing each world! Earn gems every minute while playing and every hour while you are offline! Upgradable through the Rebirth Shop!

:construction_worker_man:Permanently Unlock Zones - A new Rebirth Shop option to unlock all zones permanently in that world.

:hourglass::egg:Limited Egg - LIMITED TIME Egg in the Last Zone of the Home World!

New Badges - 3 NEW Badges through various interactions with the Global Market!

+2 Rebirth Buttons - 2 New Rebirth Buttons to help you collect tokens!

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