[UGC] Bunny Helmet Feedback

Working on this Battle Bunny or helmet. Made using Blender. How is it? Appreciate for feedback, thanks!



I think you should make the ears a little bigger, but it gets right to the point of the item, I think the carrot looking bullets is a very creative idea. Nice job Fiesta!


Looks great, though the ears could be less bent over in my opinion, to make it look nicer (as well as the point above)

It’s cute!! But like everyone said the ears could be a little bit bigger. It’s still great tho :smiley:

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It looks great but it doesn’t seems to fit the roblox character

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I like it, I would make the ears a bit bigger.

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Thanks for the feedback people! Knew there was something wrong with it so good thing I shared it. Anyways, here the updated one. I like how it turns out and I’m glad this turned out well. Bevelled the pink inner ears in a bit and smoothed it. Bit rough but that’s fine.


It’s sick. Like, really sick ngl.

Love the improvement, well done.

I think the pink part could use some more volume, other than that, it looks good!

A little less round on the top