UGC Concept #2 | Crown of Thundera

UGC Concept #2

Crown of Thundera

“The gem within this crown is the only thing able to withstand its power”

Price: 120R$

Any feedback is appreciated!

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Wait hold up, is that Zeus??? no way bro.

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Is that a good thing? I can’t really tell if you meant that as a joke or if it’s genuinely not good lol

well the lightning bolts is what makes the character look like zeus.

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If its not a joke try to remaster it and take some time.

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The lightning looks like a mesh you can find in the toolbox. Did you make this yourself? just wondering. also, a part of the crown is clipping through the dummy’s head. The textures are also a little bland but that doesn’t really matter. The gem looks like the only original thing in this picture mind you. Also, I find it strange this hat is for $1.20 USD. I am also wondering, what avatar would this even go with? overall, 8/10 (ish)

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  1. I modeled the whole thing myself but for the lightning I used a reference

2.The clipping is from my terrible habits of having everything as its own part when I first modeled what I call the “prototype” design 1-2 years ago
3. Funnily enough the gem was made with a blender addon that can generate different types of rocks, I did modify it though to make it a bit more original
4. I didn’t have any specific avatar in mind when I made the hat, I just thought it looked cool lol
5. I suck at pricing

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