[UGC CONCEPT] Bowl with soup

Hello!! This is the first time I’ve created an #ugc #concept item, please rate :wink:!


Pretty good for a first attempt! There is still a lot to improve however. For one, the textures need to be better and more interesting. The models could definitely be improved too!

  • The broth looks very undetailed. It looks like orange juice. I personally think you should look into texturing.
  • The bowl could definitely be better. There’s some bowls in my house with these designs going around the circumference. It be radical if you put some design or texture.
  • Put some noodles. It’d hide some of the broth and give it some shape. I’m guessing this is chicken noodle soup? If it’s a soup without anything in it, throw this point away.
  • It’d be amazing if the soup was splashing around the head! Currently, the soup is very still and nothing is being done with it. Your UGC creation would be much more noticeable if there was more motion and intensity in it.

Good luck in future UGC creations!


I agree, I also think if you made it in blender, you could sculpt the waves in the soup or use a nurbs plane.