UGC Concept ll Scifi Mask

A sequel to the scifi fedora ! had so much fun making this. hope you like it !

Scifi fedora : UGC Concept ll Scifi fedora

Tris : 585
Texteure : 256x256




Absolutely amazing, nice work on making a follow up on the tophat aswell, however just like I said last time, try including some sort of neon within sci fi as Sci fi style tends to be very bright and neon looking

Thank you for the feedback !

for this bundle i would like to keep it fully metalic grey so all of them fits each other. i already saw your suggestion from the last fedora :slight_smile: but thank you for the suggestion ! maybe if i make another scifi styled hat i will take notes.

This looks incredible. The texture is super well made and the fedora that you made a while ago has depth to the texture. Maybe you could do a similar thing here with the mask, because if you take away the texture, it looks pretty flat. It does look really cool and I would buy it for R$100. Maybe make some sci-fi style glasses to go with it as well.

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I usually really like when modelers tend to put a lot of effort into texturing as it tells the person who’s looking at product that they put a lot of effort in it

I think it’s great work , if it was on catalog I would buy that . And textures are really good qulity . Hope you will get in UGC program !

Stunning work. Futuristic and wonderful, I can’t explain how well made this looks.

Thank you for the feedback !
it actually has the same depth as the fedora. its just the render not showing it that much because of the way the base part of the mask is shaped.