UGC Concept - My first 10

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I’m an artist and I was looking for a platform where I can create content, then I discovered Roblox months ago. I was creating lowpoly buildings and was eyeing for modeling jobs on Roblox but then I discovered UGC. So here are my first 10 UGC items:

All of my models are optimized and use 256x256 textures. I am fully committed to Roblox UGC now and hoping to receive an invite 'coz I missed the first wave of application. I hope you like my work. Thank you…


Just so you know, 10 isn’t enough. Most people I’ve seen have hundreds of item, sometimes but very rarely, thousands. So I would recommend start working on modelling more stuff, cause if you want chance you’ll need to work hard! You still have a while until the new applications, so yeah. Just keep modelling.


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The helmet is by far my favorite in this concept! I always love helmets and I think this would be a great exception! So far, all of these look good! Keep up the great work! Can’t wait to see more of your stuff!