[UGC Concept] My second creation

I’ve recently starting 3D modeling and I’ve been testing creating random stuff that comes from my mind, sorry for the bad quality and the image not having lightning or a cool background, just some models I wanted to do for comparation of my progress I made.

Im here to finally share this concept to the public and get some feedback of what I should improve, I will start doing this more often and I would like to improve!

If I can get suggestions of what to do next, what should I add and stuff please tell me, I accept every type of opinions.

Name: Diamond Outline Head.

Thanks for your time!



It looks pretty good from what we can see here, although it would very much help to see the vibrance of colors and contrast with better lighting.

This is a bit of a minor tidbit about the topic itself, you should have the name of the UGC concept in your title rather than “UGC Concept” essentially spelled out twice.

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Thank you so much for your feedback, I really appreaciate it and I’ve fixed the title. I will work on improving my modeling skills.