UGC Concept: Tsunami Warning


As some of you may know I made a poll yesterday on what the next weather related UGC Concept I should make next this is what won the poll.

This Concept took me about 5-7 hours to complete as most models detailed models of mine do.


This is my Third UGC Creation the Second being my “Twister Head” Concept.

I am once again asking a volunteer to make a description for this item as i do not have one.

Vote for the next weather related item i should make!

  • Hurricane
  • Extreme Thunder Storm
  • Multiple Tornados
  • Other (Put in replies)

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Keep in mind I will be making all of these in the poll! just the one that gets voted the most is the one I will make first!

Heres some of my other UGC Concepts I’ve made:

Thats all for now!