[UGC] Concepts Portfolio

Hello dear Developers!
To apply for the UGC Program I decided to share my portfolio with some of my UGC Concepts, specially sunglasses, piercings or necklaces and maybe belts too.

Here’s some pictures about them:

I would like to get suggestions and some critics about them, because if something’s not good, I can try to make it better. So please, your answers and likes help me so much.

This is all!
Thanks for the partecipation.


Overall what you have made is spectacular, however in the second picture the top two sunglasses, I feel that top line on the sunglasses looks a little weird or off. That is just my personal opinion. Overall amazing job.

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Thanks sir, anyways as I found them, I made them. In the real reference picture there was that top line on the sunglasses, I have one who has that top line in real life too. But it’s not a problem, it’s just a your personal opinion.

Thanks for the answer.

nice work dude!
probems: you rendered with light (it changes the way the texure looks) and you used the “the north face” logo (i’m not shure roblox woud be ok with that)

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Yes I know, the reference was about that breeze cap, but if I’m going to join the UGC Program, I’ll remove it and after post it in Roblox Catalog.

Thanks for the answer.