UGC item deletions are distrubtive to experiences

As a Roblox developer it is currently too hard to account for when UGC items are deleted. If I get permission to use a UGC accessory in my experience and such UGC item is later deleted (even if it’s not for breaking ToS, etc.) the mesh is entirely deleted for the accessory meaning the mesh renders as a cube in-experience, this is distrubtive to in-experience gameplay, especially if the collisions of the mesh are important.

My experience contains a character system in-where players can equip catalog accessories which are saved when the player leaves as a MeshId + TextureId and loaded onto a SpecialMesh because we still can’t assign to MeshId, this however adds the complexity of when a mesh is deleted due to the associated accessory being deleted. To make it clear, there appears to be no way to determine if an accessory is deleted other than checking the asset name and hoping the UGC creator hasn’t for some reason manually set their accessory’s name to “[ Content Deleted ]”

While this is an incredibly rare circumstance, it also makes me less likely to collaborate with UGC creators knowing that if their accessory is randomly deleted (and I don’t upload a copy of the mesh), my user-experience will be disrupted with random cube-meshes.

To add insult to injury, once an asset is deleted, the name is also reset, so there is no way to determine what asset is causing issues. No notification is sent to owners of the accessory either which is a whole other issue on how players are getting practically scammed by these deletions, but that’s a whole other feature-request, so the first time I’ll hear about the accessory being broken is when my players notice! This is outright unacceptable.

If this issue is addressed, it would improve my development experience because I would be able to include UGC accessories (that I have gained authorisation to use) in my experience without needing to worry that such accessories could be deleted, causing poor user-experience with broken meshes.