UGC Portfolio Submission

Hello ladies and gentlemen. My name is EscrodeMakesGames and I am a 3D Modeler. I have created models for games with a combined 248 visits! And I am now building a public portfolio of UGC for when I apply to the UGC program.

You can view my showcase of some work below!

Screenshot 2023-11-16 094926

Screenshot 2023-11-18 110654

Screenshot 2023-11-18 133829

Here is what they look like on a classic Roblox avatar.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or Discord: escrode

My Roblox!/models


These models are very basic. The avatar model is imported and just moved around too I presume. Before submitting an application to become a UGC Creator, get better at modeling and practice more.

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Don’t mean to burst your bubble, but the UGC applications closed and aren’t planning on opening again (unless they announce a change) . You’ll have to wait until early 2024 when UGC goes public.

I hate to disappoint but all I’m seeing is someones Roblox avatar directly ripped from Roblox with no modification, and a stack of 3 cylinders. Quite literally anyone can do both of these in 5 minutes max with zero knowledge of blender.

[Edit: This reply was made when there were only two things on the post, one of which isn’t even on the post anymore]

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I’m working on other stuff and will update this all the time man I understand what you’re saying but I haven’t even applied yet I’m waiting until I have better stuff to show.

I haven’t applied yet I’m just building a portfolio and want to be able to show my progress over time. I am working and learning more every day. Do not judge me just off of what I have so far.

Even with the hat I’m already learning how to add curves to the rim.

I refuse to believe that they will actually make UGC public. It is such a stupid stupid stupid idea even Roblox wouldn’t do it.

Well even if they don’t make it public, there’s no application to submit your portfolio.

There is one actually if you go to the last part of the topic:

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Oh, the link was removed when they first announced public UGC, they must’ve added it back because of the delay until early 2024.

Eeeeyaa… They did that after stating they would delay to Q1 2024.