UGC Portfolio - vf9r

Hi! I am a original roblox user, from my old account to this account that I’ve strived to use more and more every day.

Ever since I heard of the UGC program I was excited so I made models, but that didn’t work out, the point is; I only found the application this week, BUT here is my portfolio. I put a lot of work and research into it, I hope you like my creations. :slight_smile:

I AM coming out with more releases soon, and I plan on adding more models to this later on. I really enjoyed making these. It took a few weeks of research but really was worth it. I am not very good at texturing but I still have pretty good ideas on how to color catalog items. I used to retexture valkyries and top hats, by using Roblox+ and grabbing the decal and reapplying it to a mesh in roblox studio. It’s really enjoyable and I hope I improve on texturing in the future!