[UGC PORTFOLIO] What I've Recovered From My Faulty Drive

After waking up to a malfunctioning drive and losing almost all of my work, it’s pointless to put into words how demotivated I feel. That being said, after hours of trying, I managed to load up some old save files and work with them to the best of my ability.

I love my culture and some of my fondest memories are tied into it, but as there seems to be no one making items that allow me to represent a big aspect of myself on the site, I’ve taken it upon myself to be the change I seek.

It won’t be long before the weather reports starting read high 80s and 90s, so these are just a few items in preparation for the heatwave ahead.

And last but not least, a few uncategorized items before I delve into my workflow.

My creative process isn’t anything special, I just try my best to squeeze in an hour of modeling every day. I’m not so much intuitive as I am reactive; I check the avatar catalog before I begin working on anything because uniqueness is very important to me.

I’ve been using Blender for about a year, prior to that I was an avid Roblox Studio championer. However, my experience with Adobe Photoshop and Sony Vegas, which heavily contribute to my model creation process is six years. My goal is to become a quickly recognizable name on the platform that is Roblox due to my particular endeavors, and the UGC program will be a great help.

Thanks for checking this out. :smile: