Ugh_Lily's Admin Panel [Open Source] [updated]



This looks really good, but to be picky I’ll say what I think a perfect public admin panel should have. I haven’t taken a look at it yet in-game but I’ve read the post and responses up until now.

Custom pages

A free to take admin panel absolutely needs plugin support. Besides the basic needs of giving and taking admin powers away from people, developers may have things specific to their gane which could work well in an admin panel. These pages should be creatable entirely through plugins for the admin panel, and not by editing it in studio.

Permanent ban list

I do think timed bans should be saved specifically to users, however permanent bans really should show on a list somewhere. The reason I believe this is that unlike timed bans, these bans won’t end and without having a list of them on hand, some developers may feel that they’re less in control than they should be. Sure, someone who is banned permanently should only be banned that long because what they did was bad enough to never warrant an unban, but not everyone hits that permanent ban button only when they should.

Live settings

There’s two issues I have with this.

  1. Editing settings in scripts isn’t very user-friendly at all. The ability to view a list in-game and change it there would be a lot nicer.
  2. Putting the settings inside a server script takes away the ability to edit who the admins are live. Some games can have hundreds (thousands?) of servers open, and in the case they need to remove someone’s admin, they need this to happen live across all servers. Having to shut down all your servers just to update the admin list is a huge drawback.

That’s all I can really think of right now. Overall it’s a good script, but I highly recommend changing how adding and removing admins works.


This is FANTASTIC! One question, though, how can I make the + sign only show for me and some other people?


Just don’t give them the Gui, only give it to admins in the server script.


I’ve used your admin before (actually started a rewrite before). I’m not much of a developer, more of a UI designer. Plugins could be a good idea, it’d just be a bit clunky and slow to add reasonably well. I would have to learn how to do DataStores better for the bottom two, which is something I’ve never been good at (the reason this took so long was because of data saving on the bans). I would like to add them, but it’d be a bit hard to do for me. You could give it a shot, you would get full credit for it as well.


Let’s not talk about that one.

I’ve always found that creating things like this always helps me improve my ability. If you want to learn more and are up for the challenge, I would give one of the things I said a shot if you think they aren’t too far from your ability. But still, this is a good resource as it is.

Yeah I wouldn’t recommend plugins if they weren’t considered from the start. I find them to be one of the less important things for an admin panel that I mentioned anyway.


Why not talk about it? I thought it was nice. :stuck_out_tongue:


While this looks aesthetic and professional, I’d personally prefer a command bar of some sort, as oppose to a GUI which requires me to click through it. The only real use case I could think of for this, is for mobile devices and possibly Xbox.

Nonetheless, this could be somewhat useful; here’s some suggestions:

  • An autofill option for when typing in a username – checks through player list for closest match to inputted text.
  • Make the focused category seem more defined than the other categories, perhaps underline it or emphasise it in some other way.
  • Your text hierarchy (header to body) seems like it’s ascending in thickness, so the more significant text looks less significant than the body.
  • Try using gradient overlays to compensate for whitespace and text & background clashing.
  • The announce page seems confusing to me. Are you trying to announce it to a specific person or to the entire server?

Everything else you should do was already suggested by Qxest.

Good effort though! :grinning:

  • I did include an autofill for people to see how it’s done as well as to have a nicer input method.
  • I wanted to do that, but I gave up due to not having any ideas. I think I will now that I might’ve thought of an actual method.
  • Yeah, I did screw that up in development, I just started doing what wind_o does.
  • I hate making gradients but I can try to do that.
  • I might make an explanation for that, player is just for announcing to a certain player. I’m not advanced enough to make it so you can announce to a group of people though.


I really hope my suggestions helped encourage the development of your panel!

  • That’s awesome if you have done the autofill, I would personally appreciate that.
  • Hope your new method works out!
  • Yes, it’s always good to give a clear demonstration of your text hierarchy – it makes it way more appealing.
  • I wouldn’t stress over making gradients as you can find plenty online to download and use. Even on the Roblox Decals page!
  • Perhaps split up announcements into server announcements and private messages? Or make it recognise inputs like “all”, “other”, “nonadmins” and other arguments.


Hey, I found a small bug. When you enter a username, you can literally enter any name or word and the announcement still manages to pop up on my screen. Idk if this is intentional


I don’t like the idea of datastore bans, But I like the design ( in love ). I am really glad that you made this inspired me to work on my own private version.
Other than that I like the idea and everything.
Good job!


Time banlist and permanent I personally use trello, they have a date system and everything. I can keep track of the bans, and their date and even view reasons and attach proof of the person breaking the rule.


That’s a problem. I’ll have to fix it when I get a chance.


A personal project of mine has been to design and script an admin panel. One of my favorites is TwentyTwoPilots’ admin panel in the Ultimate Driving Universe - while I’ve never used it, the design is appealing to me.
However, this panel seems to be well-designed, and as it is, I think this was very well done. Maybe I’ll use your panel to show me how to make Material Design-compliant UIs!


Nice admin panel! It’s very clean and simple to use.


Thank you so so much for this. I’m scared to use Basic Admin or Kohls because of the exploit and copy issues going on! Full respect! :smile: :heart:


Not a problem. It hopefully is more secure than either of those as well.


I don’t mean to break the train of +1s here, but I’m going to provide you brutally honest feedback from my point of view. This isn’t material design. While you do have a couple of elements that might attempt to resemble some elements, I just don’t think it really executes. I would highly recommend looking up the specifications for this design language, otherwise I would stray away from calling it that.


I’m gonna have to stop you right there. Notice how I said “”“material design”"" in the OP? That means it’s not actually it, it’s just resembling it. If I wanted it to be entirely material spec, I would’ve made it that, but that’s a bit much for a simple project.


I like the ingenious use of tweening!