UI Against Roblox TOS?

somehow managed to post this in the RDC section, no idea how that happened but it got flagged almost instantly

Anyways, I made an image that provided instructions on how to join a group so players could receive free in game currency (diamonds & credits). The image was moderated because ads that prompt players to click them multiple times to play your game are against ToS. First, this isn’t even an ad. It was uploaded through a game straight onto an image label so I could see how it looks on the UI. Second, I doubt something like this isn’t allowed because we got the idea from Roblox Highschool I believe (they do something similar to this). Anyways, after the moderation, I email roblox, and they say they need my username, even though my username is clearly at the end of the email as “-lil_sheriff.” Ig I can understand if they missed it, but after I provide my username again, I get a response that completely ignored any of my concerns. It was literally just an email that reiterated EXACTLY what the warning said. Is Sam even a real person?! Anyone know how I could possibly get this fixed? Clearly uploading it won’t work, and emailing won’t either.

Below is the image in question, and below that in the big space in the GUI is where it went.


I don’t know, maybe it’s a web bug?
However, even though the rule is rarely enforced giving the illusion that a ad is interactive or UI is not allowed

Group ads may tend to use images of “Join Group” buttons which prompt onlookers to press it multiple times, thereby giving them more clicks. Such an image as you have shown in your first example may, understandably, have been taken as that. Personally, I don’t believe using such an image is necessary as the “Join Group” button is pretty easy to find and easier to understand anyway. :slight_smile:

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If an asset you upload has been moderated and you believe that it is not in violation of the rules, you can create a thread regarding the incident in Moderation Review Requests.

Moderation can’t quite assume the context of the content you’re uploading. If it appears as a clickbaity or scam-like asset, it has to be moderated. It’s better that you act through these lines. When doing so though, keep in mind that these are only for asset-related moderation actions - actions relating to your account must be sent through the support page.

@Jrelvas1 It’s easy to make assumptions about these kinds of things. Moderation actions are not web bugs and it’s unclear on what you mean by “the rule is rarely enforced”. This is objectively untrue, whether or not we know the details of how moderation is handled.

I would upload the images without the texts and remake the texts in Roblox Studio using TextLabels.

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When moderators see the images, they have no idea what the image is for. They have no idea if it’s a group logo, a decal, an ad, etc. So the mod may have gotten it mixed up.


I said “maybe” because it’s obvious that there’s a bot moderating images (With actual humans of course), and it may be a false-positive from that bot that’s why it could be considered a web bug.

What i meant with “the rule is rarely enforced” is that, although in the TOS, i (and everyone i know that plays roblox) have never seen a ad being moderated for faking being a interface or interectabale. I’m sorry if i have been unclear

It’s easy to make these kinds of assumptions. Images are reviewed by human moderators. Even if there was such a protocol in place, it would not be considered a bug. Don’t spread rumours about moderation practices.

This happens far more than you think. Moderation policies are subject to change over time. Ads that seem like bait are moderated. This is often the case with “interactable” ads as well.

This happened to me as well. I was uploading an image of text that wasn’t even the proper size of an ad, stating that there is a clicker minigame and you have to spam click in the minigame to win, but it got disapproved for the same reason. Maybe calling the decal “Roblox, this isn’t an ad” may help, since I did that and it got approved (but I changed the text on the decal as well).

Saying that because i see a bunch of trash copyrighted ads, bait ads, “Like for free robux”, if it’s not a bot, then the human mods are not effective.
Like, if you literally go to https://www.roblox.com/ads/ and refresh it a few times, you are going to see a lot of bait ads, fake ads, free robux ads and copyrighted ads

Like, how. the. hell did this get approved:

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Same question but with all the James Charles ads


The Report Abuse option exists for a reason. If you see ads that you feel aren’t appropriate for the site, then use the option. Such ads being in the system doesn’t determine whether bots or human moderators are used. Humans can make mistakes and they can’t assume information either, such as whether you have permission to use specific IP or not.

So, better safe than sorry and warn the player, if the player has permission to use the IP he can appeal, not that hard.

Report Abuse RARELY does anything. But that’s not the moderator’s fault, there’s a lot of fake reports over there, for example, just because ii’m good player, the other players often report me with “exploiting”

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…that’s what I’ve been saying? Users that upload these kinds of ads have their ad rejected or in the case that it’s deemed necessary, warned. That’s why I linked channels you can use to communicate with moderation if you believe an asset has been unfairly warned.

Single reports are often not enough due to a high volume of reports received over a large time period. That’s why it “doesn’t do anything”. Making untrue assumptions isn’t difficult. Report abuse has use and it’s the tool you’ll get redirected to if you have concerns about assets on the site.

Your provided example is irrelevant.

That’s what i’m saying, reports usually are not seen due to the large amount of them

Reports aren’t ignored. This is also a false assumption. Moderation has no reason to set up a channel for reporting site content just to leave it idle. Reports are filtered, read and handled accordingly.

Ultimately this is all beginning to deviate from the original concern which is an asset getting moderated, not a discussion of Roblox’s moderation practices wherein false facts are being propagated. Further concerns should be taken up in DMs with anyone relevant to that discussion.

Bottom line is that there are appropriate channels here on the DevForum, as well as outside it, that you can use to dispute an asset takedown or receive an explanation as to why such was done.

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