UI aspect ratio not positioning correctly?

So i’m making a gui, I applied UIAspectRatioConstraint to it and when I go into emulator mode it isn’t positioned correctly? I’m not sure how to fix this, anyone help?

You have to set the value of the UIAspectRatioConstraint to the X/Y or Y/X, I’m not sure. There’s a great plugin to do this though:
AutoScale Lite - Roblox (Yes, you can trust the plugin.)

Steps - look at plugin in editor, then Unit Conversion, then select scale. (that’s what I do anyways)

Edit: It’s the width/height, so X/Y.
Example: You have {0,500}{0,100}
Then I think you would set the value of the constraint to 5, if I’m not mistaken.

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I did that and it still does it, I’m not sure why.

You have to set the value of the constraint to the right value. I recommend using the plugin, as it only takes a couple clicks instead of having to do math.

Hey, I’m lazy.

I used the Plus version of the plugin and it’s still doing it lol…

Did you try setting the constraint to the right value too?

(If plus doesn’t work, you can always use lite, it always works for me.)

Also make sure you have all the items you want selected, or it won’t scale all.

e.g. You have a frame with 3 images, you would have to select the frame AND then images, then set scale.

(for the plugin)

Ahh i found a solution. I just scaled down the frame by the Y axis to 0, this might not be a very good way of doing it but it works! Thanks for the help anyways!

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