[UI-Design] Feedback for my Homestore UI


Hey everyone,

I recently got into UI-Designing because I’m working on my new homestore (NOT PUBLIC YET).

I’d like to get some feedback on my work:

This is the first UI I ever made so don’t blame me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Have a great day! :wink:


The only thing that is bothering me is your close GUI buttons. It looks like they have been forcefully added there. I think they should be a circle and look something like this (Slight borders can be added too to make it a little better otherwise great job!):image


Here’s a little ingame preview:

Planning on changing small bugs. :upside_down_face:
+ Credits & About are still WIP


Dude it looks so clean. If this is your first UI. Man this looks pretty dope :fire: :fire:

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They look amazing, wich program did you use?

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I used paintdotnet. :+1:


Also added new Loading-Screen. :smiley:


Jesus, that being your first ever UI is incredible, the sheer amount of detail and effort put into the logo is amazing, and it looks so clean, good job


Looks great for your first UIs, especially that logo. The logo looks very detailed.

I think you shouldn’t just use the colors white and gray. Use a few other colors like you did with the logo. I like that when a user hovers over a button with their mouse, it turns green with stripes on it (I believe that is what you are thinking of doing, correct?).

Maybe have a color on the buttons already like purple for example and then once the user hovers over a button with their mouse, then stripes come on the button or a drop shadow per button once a user hovers on a button with their mouse.

I would also being the buttons up a bit more closer to the logo. You could add a gradient to your UIs and the make the text a bit more bolder and have the text color white.

As for the close button, I would make a bit more the side like what @DefaultBrain has said.

Another thing you could do is give some more space for the close button to fit inside the UI. You could even take of the close button base and make it transparent or remove it and then just have the “X” text there on the UI.

Make the text a bit bolder and make the text white if you apply a color like orange or purple or a gradient with the colors blue and green for example.

Overall, for your first UIs that looks great. I really like the logo and I like the UIs as well, but with some work pit into the UI, it will look even better. Awesome job! :+1:

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That’s your first? That is insane. Keep it up.

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This looks very good despite it being your first.

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Thank you for all the feedback I recieved on this post so far!

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Honestly man, I think it looks sick! I’d totally commission you if you have commissions on.

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