UI designer for hire to work mostly everyday

About Me

Hello! I am a UI designer that is for hire to work everyday. I can make GUI’s, I can tween GUI’s, and I can script them if you want me to. I use a lot of my personal tips and plugins to make things look professional. I also use things like Adobe Fireworks, or sometimes Photoshop, if you want more of a custom images UI, like for example a cash button with a cash symbol on it.


I can work around 3 hours after 3 PM on weekdays due to school. Weekends I can work around 4 to 5 hours unless I am not available that day, which I will remind you ahead of time.


Prices are negotiable, It depends what you want done, whether its just a simple store UI, or to a whole entire game menu.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at Zdarc#5206.

Thanks for reading my profile! Hope I interest you. :smile:


You could provide some examples, that would be needed to be hired.


Show us some examples. Some people want to see examples in portfolio. But nice topic

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