UI Designer Needed![CLOSED]

About Us

Hello, I am 12904, current Lead of Development for Barbie Kingdom, a clothing group on roblox worth millions. We are branching into game development!

Some Achievements by Barbie Kingdom:

-8000 groups members

-700,000 sales

-215,000 sales on individual item

The Team

@BarbieBankz – Founder/Prime Investor
@sugardose- Investor
@12904 – Recruiter/Scripter
@NANOPIXELLOVER - Terrain Modeler/Asset Modeler

About The Job

We are looking for a creative individual to oversee creating UIs for a low-poly pet simulator game. As the UI artist you must come up with multiple designs in which the owner will pick out which one will work for the game. You are responsible for the creativity that goes within the design and as well you are responsible for the originality of the work presenting.

Further details on the UI:

Not limited to (screenshot examples):


This screenshot is just an example of a layout you would receive as a UI designer. This screenshot is one of the layouts that you will be creating.

What is expected from the developer:

I need updates on the work 3-4 times a week. I ask for this because it will establish a trust with the developer. I want to make sure the developer is as dedicated to the success of this game as the whole team is.


We are offering 20,000-25,000 robux payment for the UI done for this game as well a promise for more job opportunity when beta launches of the game. This promise can only be fulfilled if the developer does a good with the creation of the UIs.

Contact Us

You can contact me on the Dev Forum or on Discord at 12904#1757


The UIs do not need to be scripted, correct?

Correct, I personally will be scripting them

Hey I’m new to UI but I’m interested in trying this out. I will make a few prototypes if that’s fine and see if you like them. Here is a link to my first UI, I am currently redeveloping it so expect a better version!

Ok, I’m UI Designer.
I make cartoon type UIs ONLY.
Like simulators have, if you want DM me.
Discord: Rezy Dev#5009

I might be able to do this, my discord is DevJolly is lonely#2608

Hi so a I saw this post and decided to make the image you shared for fun and experience. I would just like to let you know.


Hi, please add 12904’s discord so we can further interview you! 12904#1757

Hi there! Please add 12904’s discord so we can further interview you! 12904#1757

Tysm for rendering a nicer example for the UI artists!

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