UI Designing | Design Help/Issue

Hello, I’m currently new UI Designer, so I need help or any suggestions with the design since I do only basic.

I’m trying to do basic design, so I usually do white/grey background colour, and sometimes it looks weird, I rarely put background picture for my UI, because it’s kinda messing with the UI text/textbutton.

I played some games and It’s also have basic design but it looks pretty cool and nice clean UI design.

Any suggestions/ideas would be great!

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Include UI Corner to your frame or button and increase the ratio of the UI Corner.
That will make your UI GUI pretty and nice.

I hope this will help you out and you can message me in devforum if you want more ideas.

Rounded corners makes it look nicer, and another common thing to do is make the background of the UI the same color as the foreground, just a little lighter.