UI element moves about its position whilst spinning


I want to make a loading screen with a spinner. The spinner is an image label with a UIAspectRatioConstraint (Aspect Ration = 1). I have a script inside the spinner that makes it spin.

local spinner = script.Parent
local tweenService = game:GetService("TweenService")

local spin = tweenService:Create(spinner, TweenInfo.new(1, Enum.EasingStyle.Linear), {Rotation = 360})

while true do
	spinner.Rotation = 0

At 1080p resolution, the spinner works as intended, however when I switch to a device such as the IPad Mini, I get a behaviour as can be seen in the video below. Although the oscillation is small, it is quite noticable.

Can anyone tell me why this is happening and suggest possible solutions for it?


This could simply be that the image is slightly off center