UI Feedback/suggestions

Hai! I’m a UI designer I started 4-5 weeks ago, I also started to sctipt about 1 and hald weeks ago, I would very much appreciate suggestions and feedback.

Screenshot by Lightshot - Rank Donation Center
Screen capture - d27c0fb6415c44cf90999fdc77476e5d - Gyazo - Elevator UI (Scripting)
Roblox UI #2 - YouTube - Iceberg V3 UI
Screenshot by Lightshot - Shop Button (Part 1)
Screenshot by Lightshot Shop UI (Part 2)
Screen capture - 647b7bee64bb58ad2a16fb3b92068442 - Gyazo - When Spawn UI


Personally, I am a huge fan of how you scripted and designed the Interview Pass UI.

The rank donation center is pretty simple, the only thing I’d really change is the saturation of the green the neon green doesn’t go very well with the rest of the UI.

Iceberg V3 UI seems rushed and inconsistent. Having the text inside the UI the same size makes it look more professional and pleasing to look at. And the close button doesn’t match the rest of the UI. The X is a bit too stretched.

Shop UI *P2 I think making the darker blue insides opacity down a little would make it match more. And once again the close button.

When spawning UI, this one has to be one of my personal favorites you’ve done. Although the close button. But other than it is very well done.

Overall, impressive work for beginning only a few weeks ago. Generally pretty well done. Just got to work on color scheming and, those close buttons. Great work can’t wait to see more!

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Thank you for the feedback! I will work on what you suggested. (:

I agree with @PictureFolder, Iceberg V3 UI is very rushed. The shop should be more detailed, is that is where your source of income is coming from. Make it more cartoony, and make more bright color variation, as I believe it fits the game you are going for. The main issue with it is everything is blue, if you change the colors, I believe this is awesome! And also, agreed.

Your work is impressive for only a few weeks. I think its amazing what we can do on studio, or if your using Adobe Photoshop for your interface thats awesome too! Personally, if your using Photoshop, I would recommend learning more about the features and abilities on photoshop, as its for more advanced UI creators. For ROBLOX, I would recommend Interface Tools, Roundify, and Auto Scale plugins.

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I recommend decreasing the size of your text and giving a brighter color to it also speed up the tween but overall it looks great.