UI for my dashing demo game

Heya again, DevForum! I’m back with some more… stuff.
This time it’s just some UI stuff. I spent a few days trying to get the UI right on this. Enjoy!


Feedback is appreciated as this is my first ACTUAL time trying to make good looking UIs.

Also addressing some things to do with dashing itself:

  • I have no clue how to stop the whole “sliding off platforms” thing but I was looking into it, so I try my best to make the platforms as wide as I can. If there’s a small platform you need to get to from afar, I will do my best to make a double jump be able to reach it.
  • I’ve changed up how far you’re able to dash, but only slightly.

Anyways, that’s me done for today. Have a good day!


Oooo those are some nice solid UI’s! I like them a lot, especially the “Field of View” setting!

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Man! That looks amazing! I do not get how people like you do that! (I am bad at UI designing)

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