UI Frame doesn't come back after set to invisible

Hi! My name is Chris. I needed some support on a UI script of mine. Currently, all my players are having issues where after using the UI once, and it closes, they are unable to open it again. I looked at another post, and it stated that I had to make sure the script was pointing to the PlayerGui. I checked, and my LocalScript already was. So, at this point, I am confused. Not sure why it won’t come back up! Any help is appreciated!

Open UI Script ( Server Script )
	game.Players[clicker.Name].PlayerGui.SpicyBBQ.ImageLabel.Visible = true
UI Script ( Local Script )

	local imageLabel = game.Players.LocalPlayer.PlayerGui.SpicyBBQ.ImageLabel
	local SelectedUser = script.Parent.Parent.User.Text
	local Tool = game.ReplicatedStorage.Tools["Barbecue Chicken"]
	game.ReplicatedStorage.GiveTool:FireServer(SelectedUser, Tool)
	imageLabel.Visible = false

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You shouldn’t be handling UIs on the server. Try using a RemoteEvent to fire the client when the player clicks the ClickDetector, and tell your LocalScript to open the UI.