UI Frames starting with offset values in size

Personally, when I’m designing UIs I find it easier to design without the hassle of remembering to put offset size as 0 for x and y; since I use UI constraints
I’m sure developers use scaled frames instead of offset because of the release of the UI Constraints last year.

I’m not sure what can be wrong with this decision going forwards but what do you think personally about changing the default values from offset to scaled when creating a frame.

Maybe I’m doing it wrong because I’m an old user, but it didn’t seem like it would be easier to use the UIConstraints for most of my design. I just used the list constraint for things that are obviously simple lests and did everything else with judicious use of “container” frames.

AnchorPoint is a huge addition compared to before though. I’m doing stuff like putting anchorpoint = 0.5, position = 0.5, size = 1-Padding for padded sections. I would say that 2/3 of my GUI objects have AnchorPoint set to something other than 0,0.


Yeah not for everything but I’d say quite largely used. Even now I still use those methods in my UI design. I guess everyone has their different ways how they design I assume

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Alright, apologies

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