UI goes weird when using a different resolution

I’m currently working on a game called “ORION - DEEP // BELOW” It’s basically like those old star glitcher scripts. And I just can’t seem to get the ui to look correct on different resolutions.

How It’s supposed to look:

How It looks at 1920x1080:

Just some info on this: The rotated part is at a 45° Angle, And I’m using scale (not offest) for it.


Maybe add in a UI aspect ratio (properly adjust it or use a plugin to apply it)?

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I used the plugin “Autoscale lite” to do that.
Edit: I tried adding a UI aspect ratio and same issue.

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Same problem for me. I think UI’s with complicated structures is gonna look weird on different screen resolutions. Maybe try images instead?

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I found the perfect image for it, It’s fixed now. Thanks