[UI HELP] Is there any way to prevent quality deficit when uploading ImageLabels to ROBLOX?

When making UI icons or UI’s with outside programs of ROBLOX like PHOTOSHOP, PAINT.NET, ETC, everything goes good and crystal clear quality-wise but when you finally upload them to ROBLOX via ImageLabel, you go through a quality deficit even when making it the exact size it was when it was finished on the other program.

**Here’s how it looks on the original program that it was made on. image **

**Here is how it looks when it is uploaded to ROBLOX.

Now as you can see, there’s some blurry action going on in the ROBLOX one that I uploaded. Is there any possible way to fix/prevent that?

Possible solution can be found there.

keep it maximum 1024x1024, any higher and roblox gets an aneurysm and lowers the quality automatically

To be honest my UIs are always under 1024 x 1024 and sometimes they’re still blurry. I don’t think its the size anymore.