UI Navigation popup shows wrong keybind

I accidentally enabled UI Navigation earlier (I didn’t even know this was a thing on PC) and was confused for a bit while I tried to disable it as it told me to press backslash, which did nothing. The menu showed the correct keybind of the hash key. I am using a UK QWERTY keyboard.


Expected behavior

The pop-up should say that it is # to toggle

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Are you pressing the backslash above the enter/return key?

That key does not exist on my keyboard layout (UK), the backslash key is next to left shift.

If your backslash doesn’t work, try to use it with the action keys. (Ctrl, alt, shift, etc)
Otherwise try to press ESC and go to the “help” tab and see if your client says otherwise

This is just an acknowledgment announcement!

We’ve filed a ticket into our internal database for this issue and will start investigating, we will update you when we have further information.

Thanks for flagging!


I’d like to note here that this only affects Windows users with the Windows keyboard specifically. The MacOS keyboard in the UK layout has preserved the US-layout location for the backslash.

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