UI not properly registering clicks

My partner, @SummerEquinox, recently finished the data system for our game, Downhill Dash, and now we are trying to implement it into the shop. I have scaled everything and it should work. For some reason on my partners screen, when he tries to press the TextButton, it doesn’t change the TextLabel to the right, but when it is clicked right above the TextButton, it does what is needed to be done. I tried doing this on my screen and pressing right above it and around, but it wouldn’t change. I have looked over the scaling multiple times and this just doesn’t make sense.


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Can you attach a simple level file which only contains the GUI/parts of the scripts that are needed to reproduce the issue? Otherwise the engineers may not be able to track the problem down.


Hi WentLimited,

Our team has messaged you directly requesting more information. Please take a look at it whenever you can.

Developer Relations Team