UI properties are not changing, only if I select PlayerGui

I am trying to change a property of a UI Object, sound simple right?
There is a weird issue going on.

The properties are not changing, they only change if I select an Object in the PlayerGui or publish the game and play it on the Roblox website.
Rotation, Tweens, nothing works.

I have been trying to fix that for a few days now, I re-wrote the code a few times. I reinstalled Roblox and tried to open the file on my second PC. Nothing.
Here is an example code, very basic. The if statement is not a problem here, it’s working when I select the UI.

-- UI Elements
local MainFrame = script.Parent
local PlayerInput = script.Parent.Player_Input
local CloseButton = script.Parent.Close_Button
local SlideButton = script.Parent.Slide_Button

local IsDown = false

local function FindPlayer(PlayerInput)

    if not IsDown then
        SlideButton.Rotation = 180
        -- Tween
        IsDown = true
        SlideButton.Rotation = 0
        -- Tween
        IsDown = false

This is an example GIF of what’s happening.

Do you have any ideas on how to fix that?


It’s probably a bug from the AutoScale beta feature:

Yeah, I guess that is the problem. I was confused, because I disabled the Plugins, but the Bug stayed in the file. Thank you so much! You saved my weekend not gonna lie.