UI Review and Suggestions

So I recently got Adobe Illustrator and have been making UI (was using Photoshop before)

I’m going for a simple cartoony and beveled look

Note: The bottom icons will be replaced they are just placeholders for now


That looks amazing in my opinion. The only thing I’d change is the “My Pets” section, I’d make it face forward because it looks like it is trying to escape. Everything else looks really nice.

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I would personally go for a different font but other than that, pretty slick!

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The Red colour looks a bit dark. However everything else is awesome.

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It looks great; however, I would suggest using a more cartoony and rounder font to match the theme of your game here.

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Looks great! Why is the Common Dog red color a different shade compared to the rest? Also, I feel like the icon’s on Common Dog are a bit too close

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Looks great and besides what was already said, I’d try to move the “My Pets” section more towards the inventory to make it look like it’s mounted on it.

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Maybe make those tilted in diffrent directions? Or an animation of it turning left to right? That kinda gives off a cartoon style.

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Thanks for input working on it

Will do my friend who is working on this game with me also suggested that

The icons on the bottom piece are gonna be redone I probably should of left it out anyways as it wasn’t finished, but the color is the same color as the shop buttons because its going to be in the shop

something like this

it’s dark to show a beveled look but ill try to change it to a lighter color and see how it looks


Awesome. I really think you have done a sweet job with the UI, great work!

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The GUIs look good, though the font doesn’t really match in my opinion. Also the colors of the lines in the inventory space are a little dark. Especially the last one. But other than that they are good!

I’m not sure if that’ll be the full extent of that interface (I’m assuming there will later be images for the pets and such) but you might want to change-up the color palette as the red becomes a bit of an eye-sore with only two shades.

The cool green “Buy” button is a nice relief from the striking redness of the other icons, however you may consider mixing in an additional secondary color to help balance the impact of having bright colors for the rest of the interface. Red is a great color that draws attention, but if it’s the primary and only color that people have to look at and they have to view it frequently, it can become an eye-sore without complimentary colors mixed-in.