UI Scaling Works Sometimes On Phone And Othertimes not

Hello, I am trying to scale a frame to the full screen. It scales on the computer and on my Iphone all the time perfectly, but on an android phone it only works about 20% of the time. What could be the problem?
This is how it looks like when it’s not working. ( the white square is supposed to take up the full screen)

I have tried setting and anchor point and clipdescendants I also used AutoScaleLite to scale the position and size.

Inside of the frame I have the background Image and the buttons.
These are the properties of the Frame

These are the properties of the ImageLabel

I also have no idea why the background image is not scaling but the buttons are, I also used autoscale lite on those.

Thank you very much.

I uninstalled roblox and reinstalled it and it worked