(UI/Scripting Tutorial 1) How to make a Fade Hover Effect (With tween service)

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Your post has some problems (typos?), you should fix that. Code should actually be in a codeblock and I see this:

Also, why did you make a duplicate of this one?


Hello, this was my very first post and I did make some typo’s I am going to be fixing them and I did not make a duplicate of that post, I have been using this script for sometime now and thought I would make a post about it.

While it may not be exactly copied, it’s the same idea and very similar code down to the variable names.

Basically, your post idea already exists in the form
of that other tutorial.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention, I am still very new to the forums and did not realise this was a duplicate post. Should I delete this post?

I think that text buttons already do something like this

They don’t really, when you add a default TextButton in it will change on hover but not smoothly or with TweenService, what this script does is change the colour of the button when you hover on it with a smooth transition Fade-In effect to it.

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Do not plagiarize others’ contributions.