UI Sizing Issue causing it to jumble

Hey I’m will, I also go by willozzy_dev on Roblox.

I’m having an issue with UI size. I’ve made a thread in the past of what I could use to optimize UI for all Displays, but it messed up my game really badly and Ill show you what it did.

Anyways, if anyone could link me some tutorial or spare some time to explain to me I would really appreciate it :wink:

Here is how it looks in studio and in the game

You can contact me on discord if it’s easier for you. Tag: willozzy#1772
Thanks for passing by! :yum:

The sizing issue stems from the inconsistency of using UDim2. The UDim2 contains two values, {scale, pixels}, and the former should be used in combination of other UI-based objects that helps keeping the UI neat across different platforms and different screen resolutions.