UI Tools v. 1.3a


You can purchase the plugin here.


UI Tools is a plugin for professional interface designers. It includes lots of useful tools and presets to speed up your workflow. It’s light mode friendly and has a clean interface design.

How it works

For each tool to work, you need to select an object you want to use the tool on.


This list includes images and descriptions of what each tool does.



Convert size to scale or offset. This also works with CornerSize and CellSize properties.



This tool lets you position an element in the center, left, right, bottom left, bottom right, top, or bottom.



This tool lets you add some of the most-used components. Some of them are auto-calculating their values.


Fast Tools

This includes some useful tools that will speed up the process of making UI.




Add color presets to use them on different properties.


Add gradient presets to use them on different elements.


This feature lets you convert selected instances to a different class.

UDim2 Sets

This feature lets you overwrite the Size and Position properties with your value. You can change how it works in the preferences.




Nothing to explain. It just changes the look of the plugin.


Check For Updates

  • enabled: will show a dialog box when there’s a new update
  • disabled: the opposite

Per-Game Data Saving

  • enabled: will save data in the game (recommended for team-create)
  • disabled: will save data globally (recommended for local places)

UDim2 Overwriting (UDim2 Sets)

  • enabled: will overwrite the selected UDim2 property with a custom value
  • disabled: will add custom value to the selected UDim2 property

Input dialog

Receives input, you can navigate through the fields with Tab.


Color Picker

Allows users to pick a color from the hue and saturation fields.

There may be some bugs after every update. Make sure to inform me if you have found any.


dude THATS SO DAMN EXPENSIVE like come on man LOWER IT DOWN to like 5 or 10 robux or no one would buy it


It really isn’t expensive tho.


For some it is expensive, if it was 100 robux probably more people wouldn’t question buying it.


dk why people say its “expensive”, it makes your ui professional without making it from scratch. Id buy the plugin if i ever wanted to do ui withot spending too much time making it from scratch. Keep up the good work!


There is already a plugin exactly the same as this that I use which is free. No one will buy this for that price when they can get the same thing for free. I wouldn’t buy it on a regular day.


It seems like a nice plugin but all of these looks like you can easily do without the plugin so it probably needs a feature that would make people want to buy it

I can see the pros of this being easy professional UI but the cons being price and better to learn the default UI editing tool


there are multiple free plugins that do the same thing as this, why is it 250 Robux, epic scam


If no one wouldn’t buy the plugin, it wouldn’t cost 250 robux. Take UGC items as an example, they cost like 50-200 robux but require way less effort than making a plugin.

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Have to agree: the only feature I’d personally care about is the easier anchorpoints. This is a quality of life plugin and definitely not worth 3 dollars for saving 5-10 seconds, lol.

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This is a very expensive plugin. This type of plugin doesn’t offer too many additional or proprietary features and easily can be made by any dev with experience in plugin scripting. It’s not as featured as some other UI plugins and I would suggest either lowering the price as previously mentioned or adding a whole load of new features.

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Price has changed from 250 Robux to 150. It is an experiment so it may increase depending on how well will the sales go. Future updates will also affect the price.

@bitsNbytez my goal is not to make a popular plugin, I want to make a plugin that will be useful for me and other people. It is their choice to either buy it or not. If 250 Robux is too expensive for you, you shouldn’t be buying UGC items and limiteds.

To anyone who is saying that the plugin is too expensive:


Thanks for the reply! This plugin is very useful and the updates seem great!


not expensive for what it can do, the fast scale button is one of the most useful tools, I scaled all the ui in my game in a matter of seconds! I love the devs of this plugin!

Those, updates will be very useful for people, that may not want to make ui in photoshop. Anyways, great job on the plugin you saved me about 3 hours. As the other plugins can’t really scale as well.
Also, 150 is not expensive idk why y’all stressing so much over like 80 cents. In dev exchange it’s worth like 30 cents not 80.

your a scripter, I do commsions for thousands of robux, and this helps a lot…

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V. 1.2.2

  • Minor animation changes, bug fixes, and interface changes
  • Removal of “Elements”
  • Color picker dialog API
  • Color sets
  • Input field stroke
  • You can now hop to the next input field by pressing the tab key (only when focused)
  • Accent picker checkmark is now visible
  • Icon and banner design changes
  • Price 150 Robux > 175 Robux

Feedback is always appreciated!


holy mother of god the price.
see, even if i had the robux to pay for it, i would never financially recover for spending 175 robux on a plugin when i couldve used another plugin for free

i know it has a lot of potential, but bro… cmon man

a lil sum sum called “auto scale lite”

Not sure why people are complaining about it being too expensive… it’s literally like 2 usd… even less for the dev who made it if they dev ex.