UICorner Doesn't Hide ViewportFrame Borders

When I put a UICorner inside of a ViewportFrame with a non-zero BorderSizePixel, instead of hiding the border like other elements, it instead rounds the corners of each border side as if it’s its own element.

BorderSizePixel = 100

BorderSizePixel = 1

To reproduce this issue:

  • Add a ViewportFrame into a ScreenGui in StarterGui
  • Add a UICorner into the ViewportFrame
  • The ViewportFrame’s borders will appear distorted.
  • Changing the ViewportFrame’s BorderSizePixel to a higher value will make the buggy effect of the UICorner more obvious.

I don’t know when this started happening. Occurs in-game and in Studio.


Currently uicorner does not supporting rounding borders, which in this case it should just stop rendering corners if you insert it into a viewport frame(as this is the behavior of all other GuiObjects). We will make this behavior consistent with UICorner too. Thanks for the report.


This issue should now be resolved! If this issue is still occurring, please create a new topic for us to look into.


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