UIGridLayout in ScrollingFrame not scaling properly

So currently I have this UI that works perfectly fine on any screen scaled at 1920 x 1080 (your typical deskstop monitors).

However, this looks like a scaling issue when the scaling is changed to 1366 x 768 (your average laptop)

I want to make it so that however it’s scaled, the frames, text etc. are still the same size (meaning it will look normal on your deskstop monitor, but incredibly small on your mobile phone).

I’m using the AutoScale plugin and despite using UnitConversion to correct it, it doesn’t seem to fix it in any sort of way. Any help is very much appreciated!


Make sure the properties of your UiGridLayout is using scale for the cell size, not offset. Then with your scale plugin just make sure all the elements within your frame are properly scaled as well.


I’m not sure if you’re using frames to create the individual line items for each day, surely you are since you’re using a Layout tool, but if you aren’t you’ll want to do that.


Sorry for the delayed response, that seems to have somewhat fixed itself a bit but now the other problem arises and that is the scrolling frame not having enough space to show the rest of the details in the ScrollingFrame


Oh wait nvm, my canvas size is set to scale instead of offset :stuck_out_tongue:

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