UISizeConstraint works on BillboardGuis

Right now there is no way to declare a minimum/maximum size for BillboardGuis. This can be easily fixed by giving UISizeConstraint a behavior that affects BBGs.


Hi @Sharksie - Billboards are an area that we’d like to focus on for future improvements. I’ve added your suggestion for size constraints to our backlog for consideration.

How would you imagine the maximum size being defined? Would it be relative to world-space size?

Thanks for your suggestion!


I’d expect it to be pixel-based like it is for 2D guis, but that’s a good point. Maybe the fact that BBGs exist in two spaces at once necessitates a new size constraint that can discriminate between the two.

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Hi @Sharksie - yes I could see that, perhaps two options where size is constrained by screen-space and another is constrained by world-space (or even some combination of the two).

Thanks again!