UltraaaDev's SCPF || May 2019 ESiD Elections

SCPF || May 2019 Elected Site Director Elections

Please read ALL of the speeches before voting at our dedicated voting centre.

Speech A

Hi there, I wish to be your Elected Site Director, because I strive that I can keep all departments in shape, oversee them with the best handpicked management, to assure you all are trained effectively. I also wish, to answer any relations that you may have, and make your ideas come true, as I am always happy to listen to your great ideas! I will effectively assure you are all working in a safe, organized, environment, and make your working environment the best it can be. I’ll also be designing, and writing procedures, and development bills [making your ideas come true] monthly, and electing handpicked HICOM of departments, I want you to elect me so that I can make SCPF the best it can be.

Speech B

Colleagues in the Foundation: I would like to begin by thanking you for taking your valuable time, and reading this manifesto. Herein I will provide reasons for why you should elect me for the position of Site Director.

Despite not being a member of the Foundation for a long time, I believe that I comprehend, and can work with, the Foundation, its procedures and its community, I believe that my current knowledge and understanding warrants, at the least, consideration for this position.

My duties as Site Director will be, generally, revolving around the functioning of the Foundation as a community. I will aim to ensure that all of the Level 5s, directors of departments, are completing all their necessary tasks, and are communicating with the members of their department well, in order to develop trust, partnership, and a stable “population” within that department. Another fundamental duty aim of mine will be to engage in conversation, with members of the Foundation as a whole, and implement their suggestions, in a manner that is possible and appropriate.

I have already, in my time here, contributed greatly towards the Foundation.
Personally, I believe that, with me as your Site Director, the Foundation will advance more than it could have with any other candidate in this position.

Speech C

Hello, I am here today to talk about why I should be the director of our SCP site. My first reason on why you should choose me to become our site director is because I am always active and willing to help anyone if they need it at any time. My second reason is that I have experience as HRs in other group. My final reason for becoming the director is that I want this group to grow and I want to help with that so I believe I will have a greater impact being the director of our SCP site. These are the main reason on why I you should vote for me.

As the site director I will have a huge response ability but I believe I can handle it. As the site director I will have a response ability of running the site and overseeing important thing that will be happening in the site. While I am the site director I will be on the site most likely if I am not doing anything else.

Speech D

I’m applying for a Site Director position.

I should be a SiD because I think I know what’s the best for Area-32.
I’ve quickly climbed from Class-D to a Class-C personnel.

I think I’d do a good Site Director because, I’m really loyal to the Foundation and know a lot about it.
I posses a good amount of knowledge on how to run a Site.
As a SiD I’ll do various tasks and activities, listed below:

  • Reading reports from Chiefs of departments;
  • Ensure that everyone has high morale;
  • Participate in meetings with other Site Directors and the O5 Council if needed;
  • Coordinating and supervising all site personnel;
  • Writing reports and handing them to O5 Council’
  • Supervising hiring of new site personnel;
  • Manage site budget and purchase materials(s) needed for site expansion if needed;
  • Serve as leader and official spokesperson for the site;
  • Ensure that the overall operation of the site directly supports the mission statement of the Foundation;
  • Indirectly making safety inspections;
  • Indirectly making containment safety;
  • Indirectly assesing and minimising risk;

To add on, we always like your feedback so;
How often should we do these elections?

  • Once every month
  • Once every 2 months
  • Once every 3 months

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