[UM]: Update log (02/11/2019)

UM: Update log:

Changes on the interview center:

  • The interview changed to a new model and let’s try to be our final model.
  • The slock system has been fixed.
  • The admin is now fixed.
  • New doors with commands.
  • New decoration over the walls of the center.

Changes on the discord:

  • All the discord has been updated.
  • New channels with correspondent rank.
  • New ranks and permissions fixed.

Changes on the group:

  • We’ve got 2 new developers, and Doge is back!
  • Changing the group description and logo.
  • Closed application center until we end the new version.
  • Making new uniforms and donations.
  • New affiliate: Monarch hotel.

Changes on the hotel:

  • Added snow snowier.
  • The doors are now fixed.
  • We are now looking for bugs reports, so you can report them on the communications server.
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