Un-deprecate/re-create PromptProductPurchaseFinished

As a Roblox developer, it is currently hard to listen for the end of the purchase sequence when using developer products.
Currently the only way you can do this is by using the deprecated event PromptProductPurchaseFinished - which I didn’t know even existed until it was pointed out to me in the question that sparked this request.

For context, I may want to completely disable input in my UI as soon as the player starts a developer product purchase. But if they cancel it, a deprecated method would need to be used listen for that so I can re-enable it (and one day I might run into a game-breaking issue and lose out on a lot of profit).

In my sight, there are two solutions: Remove the deprecated tag from PromptProductPurchaseFinished and update its description on the wiki, or create a completely new event that doesn’t have anything to do with the part ProcessReceipt replaced.

Thank you!


Yeah I’d like to see a dedicated method for knowing when the prompt purchase dialog closes for every single purchase no matter the type.