Unable to animate my custom rig beneath torso

Hello all, for some reason i am unable to animate my custom rig anywhere beneath it’s torso, its legs are all linked up with motor6Ds and they are all named seperate names.

also the grid thing that usually shows up at the bottom of the player is at the bottom of the torso.

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Could you post an image of the rig? And, this may be because once you inserted the Motor6D’s, you may have moved something thus breaking the Motor6Ds.

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@Stelth155_Dev yea and also make sure your rig contains all the parts including a humanoid and supports animating . (first question of all, did u build the rig from the roblox rig builder? or other custom plugins such?)

if you built the rig from other custom plugins I recommend animating using that exact plugin, cause most custom plugin rigs don’t support roblox animation editor. And also if it was build by roblox default rig builder then idk, maybe try deleting it and rebuilding one, or just restart your roblox studio (idk next step is uninstalling it and reinstalling it lol).

and also if that didn’t work maybe the rigging is done incorrectly. Part 0 is what Part 1 should be and vice versa. Try making a new dummy from scratch and rigging it up the same way you did with a single test part. By changing what Part 0 and Part 1 were assigned to in the character root (as well as giving all motors unique names - all your joints, ideally, should have unique names).

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