Unable to cast double to Vector3- what does it mean and how do I fix it?

I want to create a random room generator and I keep getting this error message with a line of code:
error message:
Unable to cast double to Vector3
NewRoom:MoveTo(EndofOldRoom.Position.X, 0.05, EndofOldRoom.Position.Z + 18)

I would love if roblox’s error messages were less vague, but I have to resort to the devforums because “Unable to cast double to Vector3” makes absolutely no sense.

You need to use Vector3.new(x,y,z)

MoveTo() takes a Vector3. you need to do this:

local pos = Vector3.new(EndofOldRoom.Position.X, 0.05, EndofOldRoom.Position.Z + 18)

Not every function has an overload taking each Vector3 component individually, MoveTo does not.

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Thanks guys, now it works! I just needed to put Vector3() around it… :skull:

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