Unable to join games or download the latest Roblox

I’m not sure if this is a website bug or client bug. I don’t really know the difference.

The problem first occured when the free anti-virus Avast! decided Roblox wasn’t safe and decided to delete it. I have fixed the problem but I had to uninstall my anti-virus. Could Roblox please look into what’s making Avast want to delete the updates?

I solved this by uninstalling Avast. Restarting my computer. Uninstalling Roblox & Roblox Studio. Then re-downloading them and running the programs. It was pretty simple but maybe not for most.

I believe Avast will block most programs that exist on your hard disk before it is installed unless they are white listed. This means that if there is a virus present before you install Avast it will detect it and be able to halt the mean things its doing. If you download a program yourself, after the installation of Avast, then I assume it automatically white lists it for your computer only.