Unable to load places on Roblox Studio


so i got onto roblox studio today, and I was unable to load places. i’ve tried many solutions I found online and nothing works; such as setting the rendering to Automatic, reinstalling studio, logging in and out, restarting studio, and logging out of all sessions.

the place file upon attempting to load says “loading place”, then the window closes and reiterates itself once or twice then it stops. this is the same for every place & auto-recovery files.

any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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Hi, this probably shouldn’t be in the Scripting support section. It’s probably either a problem with your device, or a studio bug. I would suggest moving it to the Studio bugs section.

oh sorry about that, i figured it would be appropriate as i had found another post with the same issue in this section. my bad

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to be fair though im unable to post there.

My bad, try posting it in Bug Reports. It could just be an issue with your device, though.

There’s a post in Bug Reports explaining how to report a bug.

Cant report bugs, doesnt let me.

One thing though - I can load files locally but I am unable to load anything on the cloud.
Quite odd

Might be a network issue. I’m not entirely sure, really - you might be able to find support elsewhere on the Forum.