Unable to Login to DevForum From Non-Incognito Tab

When I try and log into the devforum, it opens up the home page as if I wasn’t logged onto Roblox already. If I log-out of Roblox and press the log-in button on the forum header to go through the log-in process again, I’m hit with a auth failed message (“Authorization timed out, or you have switched browsers. Please try again.”) and I still am not logged in.

I have been able to get around this bug by opening an incognito tab, but I’m still unsure on what I causing this bug. Has anyone else experienced this or is this only on my end? None of my extensions appear to be behind the issue and this seems to only be occurring for me when I use firefox.


Can’t reproduce on brave.com/latest. Is it possible to see a video of the bug?

You need to add more repro details here. Browser version? Video of the issue?

I spent some more time troubleshooting after posting and realized my mistake. I had my Firefox set to always open the Roblox site in a self-contained tab group, but I didn’t set the devforum to also open inside in the tab group too. As a result, the devforum site never got the confirmation that I was logged in due to the two sites being “separated”. In an incognito window the Roblox site would never be added to the tab group so that is why I was able to login fine from there.

If anyone else runs into a similar issue then make sure to check your tab containers.