Unable to open model in explorer

This just started happening for me too. Cutting and pasting does temporarily fix it though for me as well.

It’s happening to me as well. On a rather off-topic note, whenever I union objects one by one in a model, the selector breaks and I can’t select any parts. I hope these get fixed. :frowning:

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Ditto. Another fix that doesn’t need Copy Paste is right clicking and choosing Select All Children.


I’ve had this bug happen to me (with varying degrees of frequency) since CSG came out. I’m pretty sure I saw a bug report about it on the old forums but I guess nothing ever came of it.

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Is this bug still occurring?
How come the admins are looking at this site lesser now?

I think they’re on holiday. On topic, I’m also experiencing this bug.

They’re all gone for another week.

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This was reported back in Dec 14 which was why I was curious.
Now I understand, thank you for addressing that.

Dec 14 - Dec 18 was Hack Week and then most of the staff took off the next week.

I’ve had this for a bit as well. Selecting the arrow deletes it.
All I’ve done is select the item the arrow was in and right click to Select Children. Everything goes back to normal then.

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Got it covered. You don’t even need to attempt to select the arrow.

Ah, sorry LMADev, didn’t see your reply there.

Hey there everyone! Sorry this one took so long to reply to, we were all missing for awhile. We’ll investigate this and see what we can do!

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Thanks! This bug is a real pain, it’ll be great to be rid of it!

This should be fixed now.


Yep, thanks!

@twberg Not entirely. More info here, but the CoreGui’s children can’t be expanded in Studio. After almost three months now of experiencing the bug, this is what my command bar tries to autocomplete with when I type in “fo”

I’ve been using that so frequently that just typing in “for” brings it up even though I’ve used “for” in lots of other cases.

I can right click > select children and it’ll select 21 items in the CoreGui, but I can’t actually expand the CoreGui to see its contents.

“Eh why do you need to see the contents of the CoreGui?”

Changes to the XML file are not officially supported.

The importance isn’t that it’s happening to the CoreGui which I force-enabled through the reflectionmetadata.xml – that’s just where it happened to show itself to me. The significance is that the bug isn’t truly fixed. It’s plausible that down the road the bug may present itself to others in places other than the CoreGui that weren’t force-enabled through the reflectionmetadata.xml, so it’d be ill-advised to let it linger in Studio forever. It’s priority certainly isn’t high because as of current it’s only been spotted happening to the CoreGui, but it shouldn’t be assumed that it’ll remain exclusive to that.

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