Unable to open up places in Roblox Studio


So when I try opening a place to edit, it comes up with a message wich is along the lines of “Can’t open this place try, restarting your Roblox Studio”. So I reopen Studio only with it to display the same message again!, then I try restarting my computer (a 'MacBook Pro 2017 Retina, MacOS Sierra), and it goes away, but then reappears after I try opening a place after I’ve already opened a place. I find really annoying and am wondering if there any fix for this.

Edit: I HAVE tried reinstalling Studio


This is the incorrect category for this post. Please move your thread to #platform-feedback:studio-bugs and refer to the guidelines of that category to see how you should structure your post.

This category is for support with building specifically.


As what LordHammy has said, this is the wrong place to post these type of stuff. Please make a post on the category “Bulletin Board” about this bug and PM the Top Contributor group about it.


As stated above, this post isn’t appropriate for the Building Support category.

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